local food hub, shared office , outdoor fitness & art




EAT LOCAL KOBEに参加する農家や食の事業者の、野菜・商品が揃うグロサリーショップ。その食材を使った料理を楽しめるダイニングレストランや食の事業者のアトリエ。このエリアに新たに拠点をつくろうと考えている移住者/フリーランサーのためのシェアオフィス。ヨガや六甲トレイルランをする人たちのためのスタジオ&ロッカー&シャワー。アーティストの工房、写真教室やアートや本を取り扱うショップ。そんなテナントがKITANOMADに入っています。



KITANOMAD is a shared hub for multiple business owners and freelancers who aim to create new local economy.

We believe that working together with people in different background but similar philosophy makes various stimulations, awakening your senses and create new type of “movements”. Interesting people having around you creates, we call, a “COOPERATIVE ECONOMY”. We consider the next generation will be lead by these strong “COOP” groups of individual not large corporations.

Grocery shop of EAT LOCAL KOBE farmers and food producers. Dining restaurant from the fresh produces and food producer’s atelier. Shared office for business owner/freelancers coming from different locations to KOBE. Yoga studio and locker/shower for Rokko trail runnings. Artist ateliers, a photo school and a shop for art and books.

We wanted to buy daily foods from farmers who knows and support local farmers.
We wanted to run up in the mountain daily.
We wanted to have a situation always surrounded by arts and interesting books.
We wanted to work with business/people who have fresh focus and new to KOBE.

It would be great if we can provide with you for finding and sharing new local movements in KOBE through KITANOMAD.